Who Will Get Custody

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Who will get custody? This is a very important question when you are going through a divorce, separation, paternity or other custody battle. First and foremost, the judge will always rule in the “best interest of the child”. Second, they will look very closely at both parents to see how they will best provide for their child emotionally and financially in the long term. A child will need a loving, safe, secure and stable home to grow up in and whether or not both parents can provide this will be a huge factor.

Both the mother and the father have equal rights when child custody is being questioned and determined. At the Lawfirm of James & Associates L.L.C., we provide excellent legal representation and resources to fathers just like you who are fighting for custody of their child. In our years of experience we have successfully helped numerous fathers who were facing child custody problems. Our Mens Rights In Divorce child custody attorneys are skilled with family law and the family court system throughout the state of Illinois. It is our primary goal to help provide you, as a loving father, with the outcome that you desire for your child custody case.

The following are main points the judge will look at when ruling in a child custody case in family court:

  • The best interest of the child
  • Emotional bond between child and parent
  • Both parents’ income levels
  • Stability of the parents
  • Parents’ lifestyles (example: how often they are home)
  • Can the parent provide shelter, food, clothing and medical care?
  • Childs physical and mental health
  • Parents’ physical and mental health
  • The parent’s ability to encourage child to communicate with the other parent
  • History of any child abuse
  • Regular routine of child
  • Quality of the child's education
  • Age of child
  • Child's preference (generally if the child is over age 12 but exceptions may arise for an emotionally mature child)

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