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When a judge rules on child custody, he or she can award in favor of one or both parents. There are different types of custody that can be awarded, and this is determined by different factors that will be looked at very carefully in court. The first type of custody is physical. One parent may be awarded physical custody, or both parents may be awarded joint physical custody. Physical custody determines who the child will live with. If only one parent is awarded physical custody, the child will live with that parent; or if joint physical custody is awarded, the child may spend equal time with both parents (albeit this requires aggressive representation from a Mens Rights Attorney). Joint physical custody is typically preferred when parents live close by so that the child’s normal everyday routine is not disrupted (however this is often a question of the facts of a case and nuanced representation).

In addition to physical custody, the judge may also award either legal custody or joint legal custody. Legal custody refers to legal decisions made by a parent for the child that involve education, medical and religion. Joint legal custody refers to legal decisions that are communicated and agreed upon by both parents together.


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When one parent feels that the other parent is unfit due to alcohol, drug problems, psychological problems or some other issues, that parent can then seek sole physical and legal custody. Sole legal custody may be awarded when it is proven that the other parent does not communicate properly or is verbally abusive. The other parent would then most likely receive visitation that may or may not be supervised by a person appointed by the family law courts. Basically, one or both parents could be awarded physical, legal, sole or joint custody. A judge will take many things into consideration when awarding custody in order to rule in the “best interest of the child”. 


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Other factors that a judge will look at when awarding child custody are the income levels of both parents and which parent can offer the most stable financial and emotional environment for the child. As you can see, child custody can be very complex and difficult. A professional Mens Rights In Divorce child custody lawyer will be able to maneuver through the family law process and help you obtain the best outcome for your child custody case. If you are a father in need of a child custody attorney, please contact the lawyers at the Lawfirm of James & Associates L.L.C. today. Our Mens Rights In Divorce attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of fathers’ throughout Illinois.


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