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A father’s love and ability to care for a child is no different, and certainly not lesser, than a mother’s love and ability to care for the child. As a father, you have equal rights when the custody of your child is in question. If you want your child to live with you and not the mother, an experienced Mens Rights In Divorce child custody attorneys is necessary. Family law courts now allow for both parents to plead their case when it comes down to who the child will live with. In the past, fathers were often overlooked or not really heard at all. More and more, fathers today are now stepping up and fighting for their rights as a parent. Many fathers seek to have their children under their care and in their home.


Fathers’ Rights and Child Custody


The first step toward getting custody would be to contact a Mens Rights In Divorce child custody lawyer or attorney at our firm today. We can petition the courts for custody and represent you throughout the entire child custody process in family court. Family law requires for certain qualifications to be met when a parent is looking to obtain custody of their child.  For instance: can the parent provide for the child financially and emotionally? Who does the child have a stronger bond with?  Basically, the judge will order as to what is in the “best interest of the child” - always (but the methods and facts of this process are complex). When both parents meet the qualifications, a judge may rule for a joint custody arrangements (but probably not if a father does not aggressively present his case with a Mens Rights Lawyer).


Aggressive Family Law Representation


The Lawfirm of James & Associates L.L.C. protects fathers’ rights in Illinois. A Mens Rights In Divorce child custody lawyer at our firm can work to help make sure that you are heard in family court and that your rights are not overstepped.  We can present a solid case to the judge in an effort to achieve a success. Contact a Mens Rights In Divorce child custody attorney at our firm today to begin to protect your rights as a father now and in the future.


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