Getting Child Support

Getting Child Support in Illinois


Children deserve to have financial support from both parents regardless of who is awarded custody. Support will help provide the child with essential items such as clothing, food, housing, medical needs, school supplies, extracurricular activities and college savings throughout their childhood and young adult life. Providing a child with these key items can greatly influence who they are now and who they will become during their lifetime. Many items that child support can help obtain are crucial in promoting a child’s self-esteem and will help insure that the child’s health is being cared for properly.

Getting child support, however, may sound easier than it sometimes is – especially for a father. Many times the parent ordered to pay may refuse for many different reasons. Or, they may be jobless or getting paid “under the table” without any “real” way for you to prove their actual wages. However, fortunately, the court in family law courts have many policies, procedures, rules and enforcements that must be followed precisely when child support issues arise. For instance, if a parent fails to pay child support they may be incarcerated, fined, be ordered to pay the back child support in full and have their driver’s license suspended until they become current with the child support.


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At the Lawfirm of James & Associates, our Mens Rights In Divorce lawyers may be able to help you with getting the child support that your child deserves. A child support lawyer at our firm can file the necessary paperwork, represent you during the family court process and we can make sure that any child support orders are strictly enforced. In addition, when there is a violation or a missed child support payment, a Mens Rights In Divorce child support attorney at our firm will be fully aware of how to take care of the situation immediately.

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