Fathers Rights In Divorce

Determining Fathers' Rights in Divorce Cases

In the past, the law has tended to lean towards the favor of mothers in divorce cases. Over time, as this injustice has surfaced, more and more law, regulations and procedures call for an equal opportunity for fathers in family law matters. However, while there are laws restricting the bias towards a mother in a family law case, some still implement these biases while making important decisions regarding divorce, child custody, child support and more.  In this context, it the our experience in the law that can make the difference.  If you are a father looking for experienced legal representation to aggressively advocate and defend your rights as a father in family court, look no further than the Mens Rights In Divorce from the law firm of James & Associates L.L.C.. At our office, we work with fathers to help obtain fair and equal rights in the gamut of family law issues. We understand how to apply the law on behalf of untold and unheard fathers to persuade a case-hardened judge who may be willing to sway in favor of your soon-to-be ex-spouse, but our firm is here to help prevent this from occurring. Instead, we will work towards helping the case result in favor of the children's best interest.  An interest that includes father's rights.


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As a seasoned family law firm that has dedicated our practice to helping fathers just like you get the fair treatment you deserve, we are ready to help you prove that you are suitable to take custody of your children, provide reasonable spousal or reasonable child support or any other family law matter that you may be dealing with. We can pursue information to help strengthen your case and to help prove, in counties statewide, that fathers should have equal opportunity in divorce cases to retain the custody of their children.  While not all family cases will run in the favor of the mother, our firm is ready to help protect your rights if you fear that a bias will enter the court room. Call us today to set up a confidential consultation in which you can discuss your concerns and rights with a seasoned Mens Rights In Divorce lawyer.


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