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At the Law Offices of James & Associates L.L.C, our attorneys help Illinois fathers who are facing custody and visitation issues. Whether you were never married and now have paternity issues, are currently separated from your spouse, are going through a divorce, or have recently established paternity, a lawyer at our firm can help make sure that the proper guidelines are followed when you are awarded either custody or visitation rights in the state of Illinois. When a judge orders a custody arrangement, he or she will determine what type of custody will be established, including who will be the custodial or non-custodial parent. Decisions as to the child’s upbringing and where the child lives can either be shared equally, or given to one parent over the other. The parent to whom visitation is awarded will be given either supervised or unsupervised visitation, depending on the circumstances of your child custody case.


The following are different types of custody that may be awarded and may result in visitation being awarded to one parent:


Physical Custody


Parent has the right to have child live with them instead of the other parent; an ample visitation schedule may be set up for the other parent.


Legal Custody


The legal right to make decisions about the child’s upbringing.


Sole Physical Custody


May be awarded to one parent if the other parent is deemed unfit (such as drug issues or alcoholism).  But it can also arise from a failure to assert a father's rights. The unfit/unassertive parent may be even be awarded supervised visitation rights.


Joint Physical Custody


Also known as shared custody, it allows for time with the child to be split, on a basis as is agreed between both parents or as is awarded by the court. Visitation does not apply when joint physical custody is awarded.  Rather, the terminology is usually phrased in terms of parenting time.


Joint Legal Custody


Both parents equally share the decision making regarding child’s upbringing (education, medical etc.)This is typically awarded with joint physical custody and visitation does not typically apply.  However, joint legal custody does not require joint physical custody - this is often a matter of adroit legal representation for a father's rights


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At the Lawfirm of James & Associates, L.L.C., our attorneys help fathers just like you who need legal representation, advice and counsel for custody and visitation issues. You deserve to be a part of your child’s life, whether you are awarded custody or have been awarded visitation rights. Contact a Mens Rights In Divorce attorney today to allow every opportunity to be taken to insure that your rights are protected legally by an experienced Illinois child custody and visitation lawyer. Contact us today to speak with a skilled Mens Rights In Divorce child custody attorney.


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