Child Support

Fathers’ Rights and Child Support Issues in Illinois


Many questions often come up when child support issues arise, such as who will pay and how much. If you are a father, have been awarded custody of your child and are seeking child support, or if you are a father that is being asked to pay child support, please contact a Mens Rights In Divorce child support attorney at the law firm of James & Associates L.L.C today. We help fathers with obtaining child support or paying child support issues; including calculation of what the child support cost may be. Mens Rights In Divorce child support lawyers can also help with child support enforcement issues as well.

Child support, in Illinois, is awarded to the parent who is granted custody of the child. It to can be used for the financial needs of the child including: medical expenses, housing, food, education, clothing or any other way the collecting parent sees fit. However, several of these categories can also be considered as "out of pocket" costs which can cause an inappropriate double dip of benefits.  Child support is to be paid monthly and will be based on the child’s financial needs, medical needs, accustomed standard of living and how much income each parent makes. If for some reason the parent fails to pay child support, thereby causing arrearages, they can be held in “contempt of court” and will be ordered to pay the back child support (known as “arrears”) in full and can be sentenced to jail, fines, driver’s license suspension and probation.


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At the Lawfirm of James & Associates L.L.C., we are committed to helping fathers who are in need of a child support lawyer. We strongly believe that, as a father, you have the same parental rights as the mother when child custody, support or visitation are in question. A qualified family law attorney from our firm can meet with you at any time to review your child support case, answer any questions that you may have and guide you through the family law process. Attorneys at the Lawfirm of James & Associates L.L.C. can provide you with the personal attention your case will need and excellent resources that can be beneficial to your child support case now and in the future.


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Whether you are going through a divorce, establishing paternity, collecting child support, paying child support or seeking a modification in child support, our child support lawyers can help assist you. Do not fall prey to the complex demands of the court system. Instead, provide yourself with the reassurance of knowing that every step you take is legally binding and can be enforced. Every effort you make now will affect your child’s life right now and in the future.


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