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Child support is ordered as part of a child custody agreement, legal separation, dissolution of a marriage, divorce, or by determination of parentage (ie paternity). A child has the right to receive support from both parents whether the parents are in the home raising the child or not. Even if the circumstance is that one of the parents never sees the child by the parent’s own choice, the child’s choice or by the choice of the courts they still must pay as agreed upon or as ordered. When child support is ordered, the amount is determined by several factors.  These factors may include:

  • Both Parents’ Income Levels
  • Number of Children to Be Supported
  • Ages of Children
  • Basic Living Expenses
  • School Fees
  • Medical Needs (disabilities, long term healthcare for serious illness/disease)
  • Special Needs of the Child
  • Accustomed Living of Child During a Marriage


Help With Collecting or Paying Child Support Issues


Mens Rights In Divorce child support lawyer(s) at the Lawfirm of James & Associates L.L.C. can help gather the information needed to show proof of the above in order to make sure that the support received is adjusted to the highest amount possible when you are the custodial parent. If you are the parent ordered to pay child support we can help make sure that the payment calculated by the courts is fair to you. As a father you have equal rights and we do not want you to be taken advantage of by over-zealous lawyers and family court officials. As professional child support attorneys we are very familiar with all aspects of family law, including the court process and procedures. We will make sure that all legal documents are filed properly and that your legal rights are upheld.


Mens Rights In Divorce


Child support is to be used towards a child’s everyday living expenses and needs. It is very important to a child’s development that they are well taken care of and shown emotional and financial support from both parents. A child that is given the best opportunities in life has a better chance at growing up healthy and happy. Please contact Mens Rights In Divorce child support attorney today to make sure that you get the maximum out of your child support cost case. We provide outstanding legal resources, guidance and representation to fathers in Illinois.


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